A better way to ensure trust

The Sweetbridge Network is a real-time financial system.

It continuously assures that information and commitments can be trusted between parties.

This technology releases unrealised value trapped within your business networks and creates:

  • New forms of asset-based finance
  • Revolutionary loyalty systems that create network effect
  • Substantially increased profit
  • Lowered supply chain cost
  • Ensured regulatory compliance

The Assurance Platform

Today, any commercial activity has to deal with four fundamental systems that are independent and frequently out-of-sync due to errors or fraud: identity, legal, accounting and payment. Our technology combines all four to eliminate errors, eradicate fraud and restore trust.

The Sweetbridge accounting protocol provides continuous assurance with integrated identity, smart legal contracts, smart accounting and payment rails all integrated into a single atomic transaction that can never be out of sync between counterparties.

The Assurance Platform

Accounting Provides an extensive accounting treatment by taking into account the Chart of Accounts of all parties as well as the role, business purpose and type of transaction.

Identity Provides the full identification of all parties for a framework for trust, recourse, dispute resolution, risk management, and legal enforcement.

Payment A Fully integrated end-to-end payments layer for instant atomic transactions, keeping the system permanently synchronised.

The first lending platform backed by tokenized titled assets in the United States

The State of Arizona has accepted Sweetbridge into its newly developed Financial Technology Sandbox. The Arizona Attorney General's Office announced in November that Sweetbridge is one of the first three projects to be accepted into the program.

Arizona is the first state in the United States to create a Fintech Sandbox.

Award Announcement
Sweetbridge wins world's first 'Aviation Blockchain Challenge' hosted by Software giant SAP and airline leader Lufthansa

The technology for your business and customers

Whether you’re a global enterprise or start-up, Sweetbridge provides a better way to buy, sell, and finance growth.

Our asset account is being designed to hold both real-world and digital assets such as:

  • Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Real-estate
  • Commodities
  • Equipment
  • Currencies
  • With more asset classes being considered.

It will know the value of your assets and provide you with one line of credit backed solely by the net worth in your asset account. This line of credit doesn't require an application, because the value of the assets is what makes you creditworthy.

The technology

The Sweetbridge protocols allow anyone to build our functionality into their applications or business processes.

This technology is designed to simplify the most challenging aspects of modern commerce:

  • identity verification
  • regulatory compliance
  • legal agreements
  • accounting
  • and payments

Because of this, processing transactions without traditional intermediaries becomes possible.

We are progressively releasing more features and updates to our protocols over time which means more powerful capabilities for you.

New releases are scheduled for roll out on a regular basis. Check out our Roadmap for up-to-date information and current functionality.

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The team enabling
a better way…

We are a diverse group of global citizens from 10 different countries with experience in blockchain, supply chain, banking, economics, trade finance and software development.

We believe that people come first in the economy, and all economies function best when all parties win.

Core to our values is the idea that economic technology can enable prosperity. We're building a network; a fairer, decentralized and more inclusive network for all.

  • Don Tapscott

    Sweetbridge is truly a pioneer of this next era of the digital revolution. They have a bold vision, a strong team and I continue to be impressed by the transformative solutions they're building to improve the way we do business and make global commerce more accessible for everyone.

    Don Tapscott

    Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at
    Blockchain Research Institute

  • Dan Fries

    To me Sweetbridge is the most exciting project in crypto - solving an immediate real-world need and led by an experienced team.

    Dan Fries

    Founder at
    Coin Crunch

  • Smith & Crown Report

    ...an ambitious long-term outlook that promises meaningful real-world impacts even if only a portion of those ambitions are realised.

    Smith & Crown Report

    Sweetbridge Cryptoasset-based lending as a pathway to supply chain transformation