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The Sweetbridge Crowdsale is not open to United States citizens or residents. If you are a U.S. citizen or resident, you will not be able to purchase Sweetcoin via this page. No purchaser may purchase Sweetcoin from the Sweetbridge Crowdsale for the benefit of a U.S. citizen or resident, or transfer Sweetcoin to a U.S. citizen or resident.

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Sweetcoin Coin and Crowdsale Details

Sweetcoin Token Details


Token Type

Total Supply

Initial Token Crowdsale
20,293,557 (Phase 0-4)

Initial Fundraise Goal

How much is SweetcoinTM (SWC) really worth...

Token Release Timeline

Token Distribution

Why Sweetcoin?

Sweetcoin is a utility token that offers member discounts. It allows you to:
  • Eliminate or reduce fees from any Sweetbridge app or service (such as interest, membership, exchange fees, alliance fees, and more).
  • Increases the amount you can borrow from your assets by 10%.
  • Borrow from the value of your Sweetcoin itself.

Want more details?
View our Crowdsale Brief.

Additional Resources

Educate yourself with the Sweetbridge project whitepapers, and carefully read and share the below legal documents with your associates or advisors.

Sweetbridge Whitepaper


  • J. Scott Nelson
  • David Henderson
  • Glenn Jones
  • Micha Roon
  • Michael Zargham
  • Aleksandr Bulkin
  • Jake Brukhman
  • Kenny Rowe


This paper describes our blockchain-based protocol stack for global commerce and supply chains.



Sweetbridge Liquidity Protocol


  • Dr. Michael Zargham
  • Aleksandr Bulkin
  • Hui Huang
  • J. Scott Nelson


This paper provides a detailed formal specification for the Sweetbridge Liquidity System, an ecosystem of Ethereum smart contracts and infrastructure services that enable a digital stable-valued currency economics in which the money supply is formed from and supported by deposits of valuable collateral assets. Liquidity generated by this framework is intended to be cheaper and more accessible than traditional bank loans.



Raising Social Capital: Tokenizing a Customer-Driven Business


  • Michael Zargham
  • Aleksandr Bulkin
  • J. Scott Nelson


This paper provides a brief formal specification of the discount token cryptoeconomic framework that was initially proposed by founders of Sweetbridge.


Transparent yet Private Digital Currency


  • J. Scott Nelson
  • Aleksandr Bulkin
  • Scott Carlson
  • Aaron Stanley


This paper describes the BRC protocol, a model for implementing, governing, regulat- ing, and accounting for hybrid crypto-virtual currencies that are 100% asset-backed and designed for use in global commercial activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Stage 4 public release involves the purchase and distribution of the Sweetbridge discount token Sweetcoin™. It is the first process toward building the Sweetbridge network. Therefore much of this FAQ sheet revolves around the discount token Sweetcoin™ and its context and meaning within the Sweetbridge network, as well as the Crowdsale process itself. For a full understanding of the Sweetbridge please refer to our detailed whitepaper.
What is Sweetbridge (in layman's terms)?

Sweetbridge offers a set of software products to help bridge the gap between the $400 billion virtual currency economy and the existing real world economy and its laws, as well as offering economic technologies designed to bring low-cost, user-friendly, frictionless liquidity and commerce to business and individuals.

You can think of Sweetbridge as an emerging new economy, made up of a rapidly growing network of trusted individuals, groups and entities, who will support one another in a peer-to-peer decentralised way that is secure, private and transparent to those with the proper permissions under the law. The fact we can run privacy and transparency together is enabled by the blockchain.

As the network grows everyone in the economy will benefit. As every adult, organization and government engages in commerce, the new tools Sweetbridge will provide will make these interactions simpler, fairer, more efficient and less expensive than they are in the real world. In effect, we believe we've found a better way.

Much as Ethereum is a platform for the development of smart contracts Sweetbridge is designed to be a platform for development of real commercial applications and services and will work on the blockchain.

The economy operates with two tokens, a discount token (Sweetcoin™) and a stable token (BRC™).

While our economic framework can be applied by many industries to create value, we are proving our solution starting with the $54T global supply chain and logistics ecosystem. Supply chain crosses almost all industries such as high tech, commodities, pharma, and agriculture, so as partners and customers join the economy, the solution sets will be further classified into industry ecosystems.

What are the dates of the Crowdsale? When does it begin? When does it end?

There will be multiple Crowdsale events. Our first sale started in December 2017. Stage 4 Crowdsale commenced Monday 21 May and is now open as an ongoing process. It will complete when all US $65 million of Sweetcoin available during the presale and crowdsale are sold.

Stage 1 began on December 13th, 2017 and ended January 5th, 2018
Stage 2 began on December 26th, 2017 and ended January 26th, 2018
Stage 3 began on March 7th, 2018 and ended April 9th, 2018
Stage 4 began on May 21st 2018 and is ongoing in drip fed tranches until US$65m Sweetcoin™ is sold.

What is the price of Sweetcoin?

The price of Sweetcoin™ in Stage 4 starts at $3.00/SWC. Stage 4 is broken up into several tranches, increasing in price by 1% each tranche.

How do I participate in the Sweetbridge Crowdsale?

To participate in the Sweetbridge Crowdsale, go to our membership page and complete the Sweetbridge Membership Application. If you have any questions during the process please contact our support team on:
Europe / Middle East / Africa: +44 3300-589465
Asia / Pacific: +81 3-4530-0190
Americas: +1 480-750-7520 (local) 1-855-750-2021 (toll free)
Or email [email protected]

What are the minimum and maximum contribution amounts?

In Stage 4, the minimum contribution amount is $100 USD equivalent. While there is no cap on how much Sweetcoin™ a member can own, there is a maximum contribution amount of $1.5M USD equivalent per tranche.

How do you calculate the price of my contribution in ETH or BTC?

For contributions from Stage 4.05 onwards, each contribution will be translated to USD using the current value of BTC or ETH against USD at the time the contribution is received, according to CoinMarketCap.

We reserve the right to amend these rules where necessary.

Why does Sweetbridge say it is a Crowdsale rather than an ICO?

The model of an average ICO is to run a marketing drive that culminates in a “big bang” opportunity for the public to invest so a project can raise a declared amount of funds.

However Sweetbridge is different. For the Sweetbridge network to work to maximum efficiency it requires a growing membership of genuine users who understand the mechanism of the discount token, or Sweetcoin™, they purchase. We run on a drip release process which is designed so that each tranche of tokens issued has a higher value and therefore a higher price than the previous one.

It’s important to our mission to sell Sweetcoin™ primarily to users of the products, rather than speculators who seek short term gains at the expense of the health of the economy.

If we hype our marketing to the wrong type of user, or sell large tranches to people that are not going to use the Sweetcoin™ for the purpose intended we undermine its potential success.

Therefore we have divided Stage 4 Public Release into 30 tranches from 4.1 to 4.30.

What is Sweetcoin™(SWC)?

Sweetcoin™ is a discount token with a limited supply. With it, holders have access to low cost or free of charge services in the Sweetbridge network. It is unlike any token on the market today. It is not a utility token, you don’t spend it. Sweetcoin™ is a loyalty system that provides monthly discounts to users who activate it by locking the token in their Sweetbridge wallet for a minimum of a month at a time. Every month the token remains locked in your wallet you receive a discount per token. These discounts grow as the network grows that incentivizes users to grow and use the network. However, the discounts are only available to users of Sweetcoin, not to passive holders.

How is Sweetcoin™ different from Bitcoin and Ether? What are the similarities?

Like Bitcoin or Ether, Sweetcoin™ is released slowly over time and has a maximum number that can ever be released. But, Sweetcoin™ is not released based on solving mathematical puzzles, Sweetcoin™ is released based on growing revenue within the Sweetbridge network. When a Sweetbridge node (financial services entity) increases the revenue of the whole network, that node gets to sell a new Sweetcoin™. Coins are released at a rate that is 25% of the network growth rate. This means that like Bitcoin or Ether it gets harder to mine (earn) a new Sweetcoin™ over time.

Exactly how much discount will I get with each Sweetcoin™ (SWC)?

Each Sweetcoin™ grants a specific amount of discount each month. For the first 12 months, each Sweetcoin™ will have a minimum discount value of $0.07/SWC per month. As the platform develops and grows, the value of the discount per coin increases and decreases, depending on the total amount of fees generated by the platform. All the activated v tokens will receive the cumulative discounts equal to 50% of the total fees, distributed evenly through all the activated coins. Assuming 20M SWC activated and $100M of total fees in the system, the discount per token equals 50%*$100M/20M SWC = $2.50/SWC. This mean that the more business the protocol generates, the higher the discount per SWC .

Is Sweetcoin™ (SWC) a form of investment?

No. The token model is designed to provide value for users of the token, so the traditional concept of lock-up does not apply in the Sweetbridge model. Instead, it is more beneficial to users to hold tokens for use in the network; doing so provides more value than holding for speculation.

When you buy Sweetcoin™ you’re not buying a security like a stock or an option - a slice of a company. Rather you are buying a discount token which when held entitles the owner to discounts in the Sweetbridge economy. The longer the Sweetcoin™ is activated and used, the more valuable the discounts become.

If you are a crypto investor who enjoys buying tokens and holding them and watching them appreciate in value, then you need to understand Sweetcoin™ is a very different kind of token. It is a discount token. This means its intrinsic value lies in the discounts it will provide you, not in your ability to sell it at a profit someday in the future. Think of Sweetcoin™ within the below scenarios:

An Airline: Has working capital requirements needed to operate its fleet and to provide a good service to its customer. The airline enters the Sweetbridge network and borrows against its assets to release working capital. Customers of the airline use their Sweetcoin™ to receive discounts on the airline. If they have enough Sweetcoin™ they maybe could even fly for free. The airline is able to improve its service to the customer. The customer remains loyal to the airline. Customers tell friends about their free flights and the network grows as more customers come in and purchase Sweetcoin™ to also receive discounts.

A Coffee Shop: A coffee shop owner wants to open another premises. It has tied up assets and cannot raise enough for the deposit for another rental property. However in the Sweetbridge network it can borrow against its assets, on its own terms without an intermediary. The coffee shop customers own Sweetcoin™ and gets discounted coffees in return. The coffee shop retains its customers as the customer remains loyal to the coffee shop whilst still being able to expand without compromising its service. The more the customers spreads word about this great discount programme, the more the network grows and the more the network grows the bigger the discount.

What is the product roadmap?

We’ll outline further details of these products shortly (along with expected timelines), but our current roadmap is below:

  • Core protocols - The accounting and identity back-bone which underpins all solutions. [LIVE]
  • Member - Your secure passport to the Sweetbridge network. [LIVE]
  • Wallet - A smart wallet for your assets now and in the future. [ALPHA - JUNE]
  • Exchange - Whitelisted and compliant exchange designed for high volumes and low costs. (TBA)
  • BRC - The transparent Sweetbridge virtual currency pegged to the currency of your choice. (TBA)
  • Settlement - Reduce working capital and supply chain costs for enterprises of all sizes (TBA)
  • Assets - Unlock money from assets you already own at your terms. (TBA)
  • Accounting interfaces - APIs and Smart Contract solutions for existing accounting suites. (TBA)
  • Discounts - Sell loyalties on future revenue from your intellectual property without using middlemen. (TBA)
Why are the tokens more and more expensive at each stage?

Each stage is less risky than the previous ones.

Phase 0 was the most risky phase, which was purchased by founders, employees and contractors instead of issuing token grants like other projects. This means that Sweetbridge’s creators believed so much in the project they actually bought tokens with cash at US$1.50.

Phases 1-3 were purchased at increasing amounts between September 2017 and early April 2018. At the time this went from no software, a new team, and no clients through to layers of build. It’s natural that the risk discount factor (as mentioned previously) has to be much greater at an early stage than at a later stage.

Currently (May 2018) Sweetbridge has an all-star team, alliance partners, followers, community and test net version of its first products. Sweetcoin is now very close to usability in the network, and thus the risk factor is lower, and so the price is closer to the intrinsic discount value it provides.

Sweetbridge has a grand vision. How will it be realised?

Sweetbridge uses a variation on the crypto economics that Bitcoin used to create an economic game that mines for economic growth instead of for mathematical consensus.

Sweetbridge is not planning on creating everything itself, instead, it is creating a reward system for others to build businesses and technologies on top of its protocols. The success of the reward system will be the foundation of the network effect of the economy.

The Sweetbridge model will enable a growing network of entities to proliferate around the globe. These would be legal entities that have proper licensing within each legal jurisdiction to enable commercial activity. This could be money transmission licenses, licenses to hold accounts, to pay interest, to provide consumer loans etc. We will recruit and license entities that exist already rather than create our own and this will be another way our network and economy achieves growth. Some people ask if we are seeking to replace banks. We expect to have many banks that will be part of our network that will provide our products and services to their customers and will be part of this growing network of entities. (Note: If you represent or work for a licensed financial institution who is interested in our products and services, please get in touch with us).

An individual or organisation may be a member of any number of Sweetbridge financial services entities.

Sweetbridge and its entities will use fees built into the transaction and trading protocols, and interest generated by collateralisation to generate funds to sustain continued development and governance, as well as maintaining liquidity and stability of the network. As mentioned in the company whitepapers, if additional profit is generated by the network it will be used to fund liquidity to further stabilize the economy. If there is sustained economic activity and growth in the Sweetbridge Economy, the protocols and governance policies are designed to reduce network fees and risk over time, and cause the economy to naturally split into sub-economies by region or industry to avoid the ill effects of centralisation.

How much Sweetcoin™ (SWC) is allocated to each stage?

We will sell Stages 4.01, 4.02, 4.03 & 4.04 per the System Model, then assess where we are at before initiating the next stage.

Release Type
Coins Sold
Coin Price (USD)
Release Raised
Public Release
Public Release
Public Release
Public Release
Why is the Sweetbridge Crowdsale not open to United States citizens or residents?

Due to recent public statements provided by the U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) we are unable to sell Sweetcoin™ to U.S. citizens or residents. Out of an abundance of caution, we are demonstrating the capabilities of the products and services outside the United States first. We are sure we will at some time in the future be able to release products in the US. Even if we can’t sell Sweetcoin™ (SWC), US citizens and residents will be able to use the Sweetbridge products such as the lending protocols, the payment systems, the settlement protocols, and the wallet as they come available. In addition, we view legislative efforts to define tokens that are not securities that have passed in Arizona and Wyoming, as well as continued engagement with the SEC, as positive developments for projects like our who seek to sell tokens to users in the U.S. for their use value, not as investments.

How are we responding to changing regulation?

Initially, we set out to launch the crowdsale from Switzerland. Then the environment changed, and all ICOs were halted, while the regulators worked on a token classification framework. While we’re confident we’ll eventually be able to operate in Switzerland, these changes led to a significant backlog of projects seeking regulatory authorization, a backlog that is just beginning to clear. We responded with agility and next intended to issue tokens from Liechtenstein, but there, too, the regulatory framework changed just as we were launching and has required months to get re-approved, though we are continuing to work in a productive manner with regulators there. We have most recently received approvals in Gibraltar. Importantly, in each country, we’ve engaged with regulators and believe a global consensus is developing around best practices for token issuers to protect consumers and avoid irrational speculation.

But we anticipate the level of attention required to deal with changing regulations is will remain high and more changes are expected ahead. Unlike many projects, though, we believe working proactively with regulators is better than just trying to stay one jump ahead of regulatory action. We are still one of the only project to proactively meet with the SEC in the U.S., and we have continued to meet with policymakers and regulators worldwide to advocate for the token industry and responsible regulatory frameworks.

How does Sweetbridge differ from other lending products on the blockchain?

Sweetbridge is a totally new protocol and economic structure. We are different from Salt or any other lending project in that our protocol does not use a counterparty. BRC is created when someone pledges an asset. This is exactly like what use to occur in the 1850s in the U.S. when we had 4,000 currencies in circulation known as "bank notes". See our mathematical white paper for the specifications on the economics and math behind the process.

Is Sweetbridge hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for motivated blockchain/cryptocurrency engineers, enterprise technologists, economist, lawyers, compliance, accountants, financial services professionals, supply chain professionals, customer experience and marketing talent that share the Sweetbridge passion to make the world a better place through blockchain for the supply chain.


In summary, the Sweetbridge economic approach is about creating a better way to trade and improve global commerce for everyone. The old way was to sit on investments and currency in the hope that they appreciate for the benefit of the speculator. The Sweetbridge way is about benefit for all.