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Join Sweetbridge and discover a better way

Become a member of the Sweetbridge economy by purchasing our Sweetcoin token in our upcoming crowdsale.

Public Crowdsale Registration starts December 18, 2017

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Sweetcoin Token Details

Token Type:ERC-20
Total Supply:100,000,000
Initial Token Crowdsale:20,293,557 (Phase 0-4)
Initial Fundraise Goal:$65,100,695

Token Distribution

Total Public*
Team & Advisors
20.29M SWC (Stage 0 - 4) plus additional 44.71M SWC in measured release (Stage 5) based on platform growth.

Token Release Timeline

Stage 0 Project Contributors
Stage 1 Friends & Family
Stage 2 Beta Testers
Stage 3 Limited Public Release
Stage 4 Open Public Release
Stage 5 Measured Release
Want more details? Download the Crowdsale Brief.

Why Sweetcoin?

Sweetcoin is a utility token that offers member discounts. It allows you to:
Eliminate or reduce fees in Sweetbridge apps as a software license.
Eliminate or reduce fees on the exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency.
Eliminate or reduce interest fees on loans backed by the value of your own assets.

How To Participate

Register for Sweetbridge membership, then purchase Sweetcoin
Register for Sweetbridge membership

Sign the Sweetbridge membership agreement, pay the $50 registration and $50 member fee, and submit personal documents to verify your identity and location. Once approved, you'll have access to a membership dashboard.
* A SWC bonus may apply for early buyers to make up these initial fees.

Send Bitcoin, Ether or USD to Sweetbridge

Once inside your membership dashboard you will find crowdsale details and instructions on where to send Bitcoin, Ether or USD to purchase Sweetcoin.

Hold Bridgecoin (BRC) in queue and wait for Sweetcoin (SWC) distribution

All funds received will convert to Bridgecoin (BRC) and be placed in a queue to purchase Sweetcoin (SWC) based on the stage and tranche schedule outlined in our Crowdsale Brief.

Use Sweetcoin to borrow against your assets and access liquidity

Once you receive your Sweetcoin, you'll have access to a powerful financial application which can reduce or eliminate cryptocurrency exchange fees and eventually enable interest-free loans.

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