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Join Sweetbridge and discover a better way

Become a member of the Sweetbridge economy by purchasing our Sweetcoin token in the crowdsale.

Public crowdsale registration currently underway.

Please register below to start your application process if you want to buy tokens. When the process is completed and your identity is verified we will guide you on how to buy tokens inside the Sweetbridge app.

Sweetcoin Token Details

Ticker: SWC
Token Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Initial Token Crowdsale: 20,293,557 (Phase 0-4)
Initial Fundraise Goal: $65,100,695

Token Distribution

Total Public*
Team & Advisors
* 20.29M SWC (Stage 0 - 4) plus additional 44.71M SWC in measured release (Stage 5) based on platform growth.

Token Release Timeline

Stage 0 Project Contributors [Completed]
Stage 1 Friends & Family [Completed]
Stage 2 Beta Testers [Completed]
Stage 3 Limited Public Release [Completed]
Stage 4 Open Public Release [Not Started]
Stage 5 Measured Release [Not Started]
Want more details? Download the Crowdsale Brief.

Why Sweetcoin?

Sweetcoin is a utility token that offers member discounts. It allows you to:
Eliminate or reduce fees from any Sweetbridge app or service (such as interest, membership, exchange fees, alliance fees, and more).
Increases the amount you can borrow from your assets by 10%.
Borrow from the value of your Sweetcoin itself.

How To Register

To enter the queue to buy Sweetcoin at the earliest possible stage, you will need to complete a Membership Application, which includes legal agreements, and be approved. If you have already registered or filled out a Docusign application, you do not need to do this again.

1 Click on the Register Now button below, and you will go to a new Docusign form page that asks for your Name and Email. Enter that information and you will get a response email from Sweetbridge Member Support via docusign.com.

2 In your response email, copy your "Signing Validation Code" and then click the "Resume Signing" button in the center of the email.

3 You will return to the Membership Application form in Docusign, and Paste in your Signing Validation Code. Then, you will need to fill out a long (and rather boring!) legal form in Docusign. We must verify all of this information today to ensure legal compliance (KYC/AML) and a responsible crowdsale. Fill out the required areas and upload a picture of a non-expired government-issued ID that has a photograph, as well as a document that proves your residence (contains your name and physical address -- PO Boxes are not accepted -- that is less than three months old). Examples of proof of residence include a utility bill, mortgage statement, mobile phone bill, etc. Click "Finish."

4 If you need more time, select "Finish Later" from the Other Options menu in Docusign. Return to the form and enter your emailed Validation Code to continue. The verification and approval of this application could take up to three (3) weeks. When approved, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions to login to your Sweetbridge Member Dashboard where you will find instructions on how to purchase Sweetcoin.

*Please note that this process will be updated in January 2018.
Any questions? Please reach out to our Customer Support Team by email at [email protected] or call +1 480-750-7520.

Additional Resources

Educate yourself with the Sweetbridge project whitepapers, and carefully read and share the below legal documents with your associates or advisors.

Register for Crowdsale