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Sweetbridge Ecosystems

Starting with law & the supply chain, these are communities deploying blockchain solutions for value networks into our global markets.

Ecosystems Are...

A new transformational economy is built on many interconnected ecosystems. While they share many commonalities, each market ecosystem also has unique priorities and commercial characteristics. At Sweetbridge, we define ecosystems as fluid, decentralized organizations that break down complexity so that the right combination of open source protocols and decentralized solutions can be built or integrated to fit the specific needs of an industry or region.

Our Approach

Sweetbridge builds market-focused ecosystems to apply decentralized, blockchain-based solutions to solving complex problems. Each ecosystem is a community of communities, consisting of companies both large and small, industry experts and technology solution providers that share a common purpose of enabling liquidity and a faster, fairer value exchange for the benefit of all participants.

Where Do We Start?

Initially we are going to market with liquidity, trade finance, and settlement solutions for the $54T global Supply Chain & Logisitics Ecosystem, and building an expert Legal Ecosystem to help steer the future of digital commercial contracts to meet compliance and regulatory needs.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Freeing up working capital, easing settlement and streamlining processes and talent for the world’s decentralized and fluid supply chains, which make up ⅔ of global GDP.

Legal Contracts & Compliance

The future of commercial law and smart contracts to ensure efficient and enforceable asset definitions and business terms, including regulatory and tax compliance on the blockchain.

Coming Soon


Life Sciences


Financial Services

High Tech


+ Energy, Petrochemical, Agriculture, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Construction, Real Estate

Interested In Starting or Joining An Ecosystem?

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