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Fund and grow your business.

A better way to build and expand your business through a compliant, transparent and repeatable model of project funding and tokenization with the go-to-market support of the Sweetbridge Alliance.

Raising Social Capital

Raising Social Capital - A New Crowdsale Platform for Business Growth

How can businesses use tokens to fund growth, while addressing the uncertainty of today's overhyped ICO market?

An alliance for blockchain-based growth and innovation

The Sweetbridge Crowdsale Platform can help you fund your business using blockchain-based tokens before, during and after your crowdsale. The Alliance then helps you pay for the expansion of your business using a new crowdsale and discount token model built for results and regulatory compliance.

We're charting a better way to build a tokenization funding model to support the development of fairer, faster trade models for global commerce. Let's make this capability available to innovative blockchain startups and businesses seeking growth. We'll fund the best ideas from project inception to expansion of your business, while using discount tokens to create a loyal and engaged customer community.

The Sweetbridge Crowdsale Platform uses token economics to make these goals achievable.

Welcome to a new economic funding model made possible by the Sweetbridge Alliance.

"Sweetbridge offers a new way to raise funds from your current and future customers. Our framework includes a specific discount token design, validated as a compliant method for managing a successful crowdsale process. In contrast, many 'ICOs' may encounter concerns with the SEC on the basis that the token design essentially represents the sale of a security. We help build community, engage with customers, offer blockchain and AI design services, and create an ecosystem that drives a network effect for our alliance partners."

- Mac McGary, President, Sweetbridge Alliance


Our model goes back to the core principle of crowdfunding - get your customers to fund your business.

The Sweetbridge Alliance helps its members create their own discount membership tokens. We can help you overcome many of the legal, financial, tax, banking, and advisory services needed to do this. We then help you fund your business by providing a mechanism to sell tokens to your future customers.

Discount tokens fund your business by "pulling" future customer revenue into the present time.

Your interested token buyers are also the ideal customers of your business. They buy tokens because of the discounts and benefits the tokens generate. This generates incentives for customers to continue using your services and to tell others about them.

With our model, your business gets funded in a legally compliant way, without issuing securities or SAFTs.


The Sweetbridge Alliance helps approved members accelerate business growth through a fully compliant crowdsale process and discount token model. The Sweetbridge Alliance brings members current knowledge and the go-to-market and support infrastructure to provide sales and services to customers globally.

Sweetbridge Alliance members become part of an active economy with all of the resources and shared infrastructure that come from sharing a common currency.

Joining the Sweetbridge Alliance opens up new opportunities for partnerships and new connections for your company. By collaborating, we create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Sweetbridge Alliance is a not-for-profit, member-run organization that uses cryptoeconomics to help real-world businesses fund themselves and grow.

List of Services

Legal, Tax, and Accounting

KYC / AML - Identity

Banking, Exchange & Treasury

Token Economics

Project Advisory

Marketing & PR

Event & Meetup Management

Community Management

Social Media

Security Audits

Dispute Management

Crowdsale Rails

Current Alliance Members

The Sweetbridge Alliance is focused on real-world business activity in commerce with an emphasis on organizations that improve supply chains or ensure ethical sourcing. Alliance partners also use common data standards as they are established, allowing information to be shared across projects and blockchains.

The Alliance seeks to develop a liquid value network for commerce by bringing AI, blockchain and IoT projects together with a shared economic and information framework.

Alliance Service Providers

The Sweetbridge Alliance brings together the most professional organizations to provide services to our community.

More coming soon!

Current Ecosystems