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Liquidity (liˈkwidədē) noun

The availability of liquid assets (an asset that can be quickly converted into cash) to a market or company

Our Approach

Using the blockchain, Sweetbridge is expanding that definition. Not only will companies have access to cash with just a few simple clicks, but so will people just like you.

Starting with digital currencies, you’ll be able to get cash from the value of your tokens, interest-free, without a counter party.

How It Works

Our first product will allow you to borrow against the value of your existing cryptocurrencies.

Add your crypto-assets like Ether to Sweetbridge Assets

Lock them in a vault smart contract & borrow from their value

Receive Bridgecoin
equal to the amount you borrowed

Convert Bridgecoin to cash, purchase more digital currency, or pay your invoices

What Are Bridgecoin And Sweetcoin?


A stable cryptocurrency pegged to a fiat currency (e.g. US Dollars, Euros, GBP, Yen, etc.) issued to provide liquidity when borrowing against collateralized assets, and used for exchange or payments.


Serves as a software license that reduces or eliminates liquidity fees, including Bridgecoin for fiat exchange fees, for its holders allowing them to use Sweetbridge to borrow money, make settlements and convert to and from fiat currency without cost.

For Example

A user can buy $2,000 worth of Sweetcoin, then transfer $10,000 worth of Bitcoin into their Asset Vault. Then the user can borrow $5,000, issued in Bridgecoin, and exchange the Bridgecoin for US Dollars without fees. The user continues to benefit from the appreciation of Sweetcoin and Bitcoin while using the borrowed $5,000 for other needs or wants.

Interest-Free Borrowing In Just A Few Clicks

The Sweetbridge Assets application will bring the power of this blockchain protocol to your fingertips.