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Screenshot of Sweetbridge Wallet

Backed by Sweetbridge protocols

All Sweetbridge products are backed by our protocols. Using the blockchain and built-in accounting we have found solutions to the problems of trapped wealth in commerce and supply chains worldwide. Our Accounting protocol forms the basis for all transactions that occur within the Sweetbridge platform. We have an increasing number of integrations in the pipeline, which will give you more options for managing your accounting (in ways that are native to your process). Our Identity protocol ensures that every interaction happens between two verified Sweetbridge members - creating an irrefutable trace of transactions, so you can always be confident that your transactions are legitimate.

Our Roadmap

This is just the first part of our vision for a better way to trade. One that delivers value for individuals, businesses of all sizes, and governments. These products mark the debut of our toolset for commerce where we aim to take the stress out of identity, asset, and liquidity management. We’ll outline further details of these products shortly (along with expected timelines), but our current roadmap is below:


As you can see - we’re on our way to building a new future for global commerce and supply chains. We’re swapping the weak links in a broken system for the strongest tools for commerce available in the world today. Why not become a Sweetbridge member and join the Sweetbridge economy today?