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Sweetbridge Protocols

Working with our alliance partners to build minimal, consistent, and complete foundational protocols for a new, more valuable economy

What Are Sweetbridge Protocols And
What Are They Used For?

For the Sweetbridge economy - liquid value networks, each Sweetbridge protocol is designed to provide a set of rules, messages, and agreements that govern interactions of processes among humans, apps and machines in a decentralized operating world.

The Protocol Roadmap

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Optimization and Liquid Talent Protocol constitutes the final layer of the Sweetbridge protocol stack. It defines tools, APIs, and data aggregation which would facilitate the analysis of supply chain networks that would reward supply chain professionals in the market on a contingency basis by objectively measuring the outcomes from their efforts. This is in stark contrast to the time based salary or consulting fees of supply chain professionals today.

Optimization & Liquid Talent
Resource Sharing

How We Use These Protocols In The Real World

Liquidity in Action

Individuals or organizations can use the Sweetbridge Asset app to collateralize digital assets and borrow interest-free powered by the Liquidity Protocol.

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Settlement in Action

Supply chain participants can transact one to another under a fast and low-risk Sweetbridge Settlement Bus with a detailed, permanent audit trails powered by Settlement Protocol.

Accounting in Action

Organizations can see a detailed view into their own economics and financing capacity powered by the Accounting Protocol.

Risk Management in Action

Sweetbridge can also offer risk management to independently assess financial risks associated with any specific entity, similar to a credit score powered by Liquidity, Settlement and Accounting Protocols.

Resource Sharing in Action

Marketplace for providing collaborative use of shared resources such as factories, warehouses, and heavy equipment.

Optimization & Liquid Talent in Action

Individuals can be rewarded objectively by measuring the outcomes from their efforts powered using the Liquid Talent Protocol. This is in stark contrast time-based or fee-based compensation models today.