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What Is Sweetbridge?

We are a global team of contributors, building a blockchain alliance, to launch projects in industry ecosystems, starting with protocols for commerce, supply chains and interest-free loans.


Blockchain technology projects, delivery partners, blockchain coalitions & thought leaders across industries to bring this revolution to life.

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Our tokens and open source protocols provide liquidity and collateralization throughout Liquid Value Networks starting with asset liquidity.

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Starting in the supply chain, these are communities deploying blockchain solutions for value networks into today’s global markets.

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Global citizens from 8 different countries with experience in blockchain, supply chain, economics, trade finance and technology development.

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The Product

Lend yourself money.

From assets you own.


Without another party.

The Sweetbridge Blog

Stories surrounding the places we go, people we meet, and lessons we learn while building a global value network with the blockchain technology.

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News & Events

As we build our global distributed community, we look forward to spending time learning and sharing with people & places that are bringing it to life.

Event Date Location
Supply Chain on the Blockchain (London) 2017/11/27 London, England
Consensus: Invest 2017 & Live Webinar 2017/11/28 New York City, NY, USA
Supply Chain on the Blockchain (NYC) 2017/11/29 New York City, NY, USA
CSUN ALPFA, Blockchain Meeting 2017/12/02 Northridge, CA, USA
Supply Chain on the Blockchain (SF) 2017/12/04 San Francisco, CA, USA
Blockchain for Supply Chain Masterclass 2018/01/30 Frankfurt, Germany
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